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Established in 1998, our humble beginnings started with only 4 staff. Having a clear vision of what we wanted to achieve and with a commitment to excellence, we secured our very first portfolio with Standard Chartered Bank, located in Wangsa Maju. From there, we continuously strived to work hard with a growing set of clients and supported them through many credit recovery challenges. Our team is built on a strong reputation of being professional, result-oriented, and an approach towards debtors that is deeply rooted in empathy and understanding.

As our business grew in size over the years, so did our team. In 2013, our numbers grew to 270 staff and in 2018, we grew further to 320. To firmly establish the growth and success of our team, we finally moved into our own building at Wisma P&A located in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur.

Our dedicated collection professionals are strategically placed in many divisions based on their unique abilities and talents. We’re also backed by a robust HR team with a keen sense for talent who are on a constant lookout for dynamic and motivated individuals who will help us realize the goals of the company and our clients.

P&A Smart Solution is a fully compliant and registered entity with the Ministry of Finance since 2013.


Group structure

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Anpananthan Karupiah


K.V Anba is an entrepreneur and a self-driven individual who has been involved in several successful startup businesses locally and in international markets for the past 25 years. His ability to captivate and guide has been a key element in managing these businesses.

A stickler for perfection has enabled him to tailor only the best for his clients. His clarity in communication and his keen sense of networking has been instrumental in laying the foundation for many businesses in his purview. His works have been assimilated with a builder and a transformer in both start-up and scalable growth industries. His fundraising and networking skills has been the one of the fundamental building blocks in delivering a sustainable bottom-line growth. His never-ending pursuit to garner more knowledge and foresightedness to identify the future trend in commerce has propelled him to venture with leading industry experts to create a digital platform that would change the current outlook of business transaction.

A philanthropist at heart, K.V Anba has given without expectation for the
development of many communities near and far. Among those who have benefitted from his contributions have been students and aspiring sportsman and woman in the rural communities who would have very little chance of showcasing their talents otherwise. Among the projects undertaken by K.V. Anba has been the establishment of grassroots football academies whereby 2,000 aspiring footballers are training, establishing martial arts centers to develop a disciplined mind , providing funding for aspiring athletes to pursue overseas education and to uplifting the future of community. K.V Anba is driven by the fulfillment of seeing the success of his pupils and staff.

“My Fulfillment is not the receiving but rather the giving”.
K.V. Anba

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Panneerselvam Balakrishnan